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2022-02-09 16:30:00

Alec Baldwin finds return to work ‘strange’ since deadly Rust shooting

Alec Baldwin not too long ago highlighted the overwhelming emotions he began feeling the very second he stepped foot on one other set following the deadly Rust shooting.

The star shared a peek behind the surge of feelings he’s feeling in a digital video diary that he has posted to Instagram.

In it the actor talks of feeling ‘undoubtedly strange’ now that he’s again on a film set.

He was additionally quoted saying, “It’s strange to go back to work.” Primarily as a result of “I haven’t worked since Oct. 21 of last year when this horrible thing happened on the set of this film and we had the accidental death of our cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins”

“I even still find that hard to say,” he additional went on to say, whereas referencing the incident.

“But I went back to work today for the first time in three and a half months,” and joked how he virtually forgot how to act and “any of this nonsense” of constructing motion pictures.

He additionally went on to say, “Especially in independent film, where there are good people — there are very good people — but everybody’s chasing all the good people, and a lot of the best ones get gobbled up by projects that have more money.”

“When you have a very limited budget, you’re filling positions with people who are … who are good, but they are probably early in their career. And young. Everybody’s young.”

Earlier than concluded he additionally stated, “But I went back to work today — it was interesting. Interesting. I miss my kids … I miss them all. Who knows what the future will bring. I hope good things.”

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