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In an exciting exchange on Twitter, the new official CEO of the micro-blogging site, Elon Musk and renowned musician and actor Ali Zafar discussed ways to improve the social media platform. Taking to the social media platforms, Musk asked his followers for suggestions on how to make the website better than its competitors such as TikTok, He asked, “What could we do to make it better than TikTok?”

In response to his query, Zafar commented on Musk’s post suggesting that there should be “bigger incentives for content creators” and a space for them to build their own “digital empires.” He also highlighted that social media should be a place where “like-minded people” can connect, share, and monetise their content as well.

“Bigger incentives for content creators. Go beyond ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. Enable them to build their own online digital empires. A world they can create, learn and earn from. Clubs. Rooms. Likeminded people connecting, creating, auctioning, selling, monetising, sharing,” he posted. In an additional tweet, Zafar also proposed that the application should go through an “algorithm change.” He elaborated with the example that the alteration would enable a person sitting in the United States to easily view content in Japan and vice versa. The Dear Zindagi actor also stated that “content” and “tweets” should be monetised and have a “higher reach.”

Zafar then concluded his idea by pointing out that corporations can pay for reach but individual creators cannot afford the privilege to boost their content. “Companies can pay for reach, but individuals can’t,” he noted.

Musk finally replied to the long list of recommendations in agreement. Commenting on Zafar’s tweets, he concurred that Japan has “amazing content” but it’s never viewed outside the country due to lack of reach. He said, “True, Twitter has amazing content in Japan – roughly half of all adults online – but it’s almost never seen outside of Japan.”

Prior to this, Musk posted a poll on Twitter to ask his followers if the social media application Vine should be brought back. Reacting to this, the American YouTuber Mr Beast taunted him, writing “If you did that and actually competed with TikTok that’d be hilarious.”

In response to this criticism, the CEO resorted to asking his followers for tips to improve the network and make it better than TikTok.

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