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2022-02-08 09:33:43


Angry villagers near Sindh’s Mirpurkhas district have reportedly killed a young crocodile Tuesday morning.

The residents of Mureed Khan Marri village located at Khaan Road, some 12km from the city, claimed that the crocodile had attacked a goat in their village.

“It [reptile] has killed our goat,” said a villager. “We have killed it with an axe,” he added.

In a video available with The Express Tribune, the villagers can be seen transporting the reptile tied with a rope to another village. “We will hand over the body to a landlord and will get some reward,” the man added.

Muhammad Hasham Shar, a local journalist from Mirpurkhas told The Express Tribune, that “There is no awareness among the local people about the value of wildlife around.”

Criticising the role of the Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD), Shar said that despite killings of innocent animals, the officials were not taking appropriate measures. “This is not the only incident in Mirpurkhas,” he pointed out.

“We see people killing animals regularly and the department [SWD] is aware of these killings,” he said, adding that some influential individuals were supporting the poachers and killers of wildlife.

The local residents said that there were a number of crocodiles in the area and they barely attacked livestock or humans.

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