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2022-02-07 01:36:12

At least 250 people, including women and children, have been stranded in their vehicles in Dir since midnight on Monday
due to intense snowfall in the region.

The passengers were traveling from Rawalpindi to Chitral.

The district administration started the rescue operation at noon to clear off the roads.

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With the use of heavy machinery, roads have been partially opened for traffic by the local administration. Levies have also arrived at the scene and it is expected that the road will be completely opened for traffic soon.

It is pertinent to note here that last month 23 tourists trapped in their vehicles during a snowstorm in Murree had lost their lives due to the negligence of the local authorities.

Twenty out of 29 snow-removing machinery and snowmobiles had failed to respond promptly to the Murree incident, the preliminary findings of the probe had revealed.

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