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2022-02-08 21:48:00

  • In accordance with wildlife officers, during the last six months, 16 leopards have been killed by people in Azad Kashmir.
  • The animal had attacked two individuals, inflicting minor accidents. 
  • Folks stoned the leopard to demise. 

HATTIAN BALA: Residents of Hattian Bala in Azad Kashmir killed a leopard after the animal entered residential areas in quest of its “next hunt.”

In accordance with a report by Geo Information, residents of the area gathered early morning on Tuesday after they heard individuals screaming on prime of their lungs. Upon inquiring about what had brought about the stir among the many residents, it turned out that many households had noticed a leopard roaming amid homes, “looking for its next hunt.”

The animal attacked two individuals, giving” them minor injuries. But in retaliation, locals started pelting stones at it. The animal died due to excessive bleeding. 

When informed, officials of the wildlife department reached the site and registered a case against two individuals for killing the animal. Meanwhile, the body of the leopard has been sent for an autopsy to Muzaffarabad. 

Two weeks ago, a female leopard had been shot and injured in Neelum Valley by residents after which the animal succumbed to its injuries. 

According to wildlife officials, over the last six months, 16 leopards have been killed by humans in Azad Kashmir.

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