Boman Irani reveals plan to work on his directorial debut


2022-02-16 08:45:00

Boman Irani reveals plan to work on his directorial debut

Boman Irani shares his plan for the 12 months 2022 as he’ll be making his directorial in addition to net debut this 12 months.

The actor revealed his plans to begin working on his directorial ventures however first he desires to get his appearing commitments finished.

The Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. famed star mentioned that his directorial debut is one thing that he has written himself. 

He mentioned, “My first directorial venture is something that I have been thinking to do for a while now. I have written it myself. I am hoping that I get to start it by mid of 2022.”

“I have a whole slate of releases planned for this year. I also have Jayeshbhai Jordaar which I am looking forward to big time. Along that I have Detective Shergill, then (actor) Ajay Devgn’s film Runway 34 and (filmmaker) Sooraj Barjatya’s Unchai. The moment I finish that I will start (director) Raju (Rajkumar) Hirani’s film. There is no escape from his films as it is part and parcel of my life. I will do them as long as I live,” Irani revealed the tasks he’s working on.

Boman will even make his net debut this 12 months. He additionally expressed his pleasure in being ‘busy’ as he doesn’t like to sit at residence with none tasks. For him, pandemic days have been ‘busier’ than regular days as he’s been getting a number of work.

“I have been extremely lucky because I like being busy. And I have been very busy, probably busier than pre lockdown, pandemic days. I did I have been extremely fortunate to have been keeping busy and getting constant work. I am glad about that because I don’t like sitting at home,” the 62- year-old actor mentioned.

Speaking about his net debut, he said, “I will debut in the digital space with a web series, which I shot in Chandigarh. It (the schedule) was really hectic and a lot of hard work but the day flies by and those are the kind of days I enjoy the most. I hate days where we have to keep looking at the clock and be like why is the needle not moving.”

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