Canadians pay touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth II


2022-09-20 01:39:03

Canadians said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II with a commemorative service in the nation’s capital and a military parade through downtown Ottawa.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police led the way, as they did at the queen’s funeral procession in London. The service was attended by hundreds of dignitaries with music by artists Ginette Reno, Rufus Wainwright and Kim Richardson.

Canadians pay touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

In an address, the former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney remembered the Queen’s support for his efforts to rally the Commonwealth behind sanctions against apartheid South Africa. The Queen provided “discreet guidance” despite opposition from then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson also spoke. She said the Queen had remained focused and calm until the end of her reign, recounting an unexpected exchange.

Canadians have less favourable views of King Charles III. But officials have said he’s expressed determination to pursue reconciliation with the country’s indigenous peoples who suffered under British colonial rule.

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