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Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is the grandest traditional fete of the Chinese people and an important holiday for family reunions and pleasure sharing.

During the Chinese New Year holiday, people celebrate the beginning of a new year with various activities in an air of festivity. In 2022, Chinese New Year falls on February 1.

To join the rich and diversified Happy Chinese New Year festivity in China and around the world, the China Cultural Centre in Pakistan also organised a series of online activities to celebrate the 2022 Chinese New Year.

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Starting Feb 1, various online cultural events and activities were being posted online on social media platforms of China Cultural Centre in Pakistan.

Multiple Live Gala Performances, videos tours, photos exhibitions, online 3D experience tours and animation videos were uploaded covering various cultural themes on Celebrating Happy Chinese New Year during this period.

These various cultural activities included Taiji Therapy videos series, Charm of Chinese New Year Children’s Animated short videos shows, Hebei Special Art Performance “North of River, Brilliance of Hebei”, Chinese New Year Photo Exhibitions on “celebrating Chinese New Year with Kids around the World” and “Celebrating the Spring Festival with Dragon Dance Performances”.

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Some other events shared on social media platforms were an interactive experience tour titled “Winter Tour to Xinjiang”, a video series on “Spring and the Chinese 24 Solar Terms” and others.

Many more events celebrating the Chinese New Year also include those organised by various provinces and cities including Henan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and others.

The online cultural activities not only showcased the festivity of the Chinese New Year around the world but also portrayed the brilliance of Chinese traditional culture, promote tourism and also send good wishes for the ongoing 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in China.

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