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2022-02-14 07:59:00

Dwayne Johnson highlights ‘first in 4.5 billion years’ twin Superbowl, Olympics marathon

Actor Dwayne Johnson hypes followers up in promotional for the ‘very first in 4.5 billion years’ Olympics and Superbowl kickoffs which can be taking place facet by facet.

The singer celebrated the milestone on his private Instagram web page and included a lot of video clips showcasing historic moments from each kickoffs and celebrations.

He even featured a caption alongside the put up that learn, “TODAY we celebrate something that has not happened in 4.5 BILLION years on planet earth… SUPER GOLD SUNDAY.”

“For the FIRST TIME EVER, the biggest game of the year – the SUPER BOWL and the greatest spectacle in sports – the OLYMPICS, take place on the same day.”

“It’s an AWESOME DAY to come together and celebrate who we are as a country ~ and people. THIS is #SuperGoldSunday.”

Test it out beneath:

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