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2022-02-12 17:01:00

Emma Roberts turns to aunt Julia Roberts for help in handling Garrett Hedlund’s DUI arrest

Emma Roberts has reportedly been counting on the help of her aunt Julia Roberts in coping with the DUI arrest of Garrett Hedlund.

This information has been introduced to gentle by a supply shut to OK! Journal and in accordance to their findings, “Julia’s been her rock and is providing a loving shoulder to cry on.”

At the moment, the Fairly Lady actor “is disappointed in Garrett, there’s no mistaking that,” particularly contemplating his former DUI arrest and lawsuit.

The identical insider additionally went on to reveal, “This split has actually been a long time coming,” and Roberts is working arduous to hold all of it amicable for 11-month-old son Rhodes.

Even her aunt Julia “thinks Garrett’s incapable of getting his act together and that he has no business being with her niece” as a result of “He’s put Emma through hell, and Julia’s reminding her that someone better will come along.”

“Julia’s been through plenty of her own heartbreak and promises Emma that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

A separate source also stepped forward to say that these days, “When people ask why Garrett isn’t there, she says she enjoys time out with her friends and needs a break from home life.”

Even though “her relationship with Garrett is rocky, to say the least. They’re committed to being good parents, so everyone hopes they’ll be able to get back on the same page.”

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