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Actor Feroze Khan’s legal team has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Aliza Sultan for allegedly submitting “forged evidence” in the court proceedings in the ongoing child custody and domestic abuse cases. In response, Aliza’s brother has expressed his disappointment, stating that there are “plenty of photos and documents that we do not wish to display.”

Feroze Khan’s lawyer, while speaking to the media about the documents that also made their way to the public, claimed that they are “invalid” and “do not stand for anything in Feroze’s legal battle against his ex-wife.” When the Family Court East began hearing the child custody and alimony cases on Tuesday, Khan’s attorney filed the petition. While addressing the press, he alleged that Aliza and her lawyer had deceived the court by presenting “phony paperwork,” since Aliza had “not reported Feroze to the police” while being married to him.

Aliza’s brother, Ahsan Raza also spoke to the media for the first time following the hearing. He expressed his disappointment at Feroze’s legal team for calling the evidence fraudulent. “We have plenty of photos and documents that we do not wish to display,” he said. “And we did not wish to display earlier photos either but they were forced to be made public because they were contained in a court document.”

Ahsan added, “The lawyers are saying that the pictures are of an eye allergy. Well, in an eye allergy, the eye does not swell up like that. They also failed to bring up the forensic of the pictures.” He assured, “there are many pictures of Aliza which they have as the evidence.” Ahsan also said that “the court did not discuss the abuse; hence, more evidence will be provided.”

Aliza’s attorney, on the other hand, stated, “Aliza does not object to her children meeting their father but they [the children] are terrified because of the way she was abused. However, the court has granted Feroze the permission to meet them.”

In response to Feroze Khan’s fresh petition, the court has set an argument date on November 5 and postponed the child custody dispute until November 29. In an Instagram post in September, Aliza called out Feroze for “domestic violence” while announcing their divorce. The Khaani actor has recently, “vehemently denied” all accusations and pursued legal action.

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