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2022-02-10 15:04:05


Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday stressed on achieving economic goals with improved linkages fostered by economic diplomacy.

Addressing an event in Islamabad, he said the incumbent government is focused on the economic stability of the country through economic diplomacy.

FM Qureshi said, “We [Pakistan] have opened border markets with Iran to enhance economic linkages and intend to do the same with Afghanistan. We need to expand our economic footprint with Central Asia. We have vast opportunities to promote religious and cultural tourism and we strive to improve inter-departmental coordination.”

Earlier in the day, while addressing a ceremony at the Institute of Policy Studies (NIPS) of National University of Science and Technology, Qureshi said that using various diplomatic tools, Pakistan consolidated friendships and strengthened bilateral relations with major powers and key partners across all regions.

The foreign minister said under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership, Pakistan proactively and consistently advanced its diplomatic objectives both bilaterally and multilaterally.

“We have put to use various tools of diplomacy be it economic diplomacy, science diplomacy, public diplomacy or digital diplomacy, to lead the advocacy for durable peace, inclusive growth and shared development,” he remarked.

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He said the terms like “multidimensional diplomacy” was reflective of new trends and realities as there were multiple players, factors and forces, influencing the conduct of diplomacy.

He said the multidimensional diplomacy currently used tools ranging from economy, cyber space, digital technology, science and innovation to culture and even people-to-people linkages.

He said the world had entered the era of battles of narratives with a huge shift in the role of media, their impact on all sphere of life and modern technology being used to influence opinions and push agendas.

Moreover, as another external factor, the Covid-19 pandemic had upended the global economic systems.

“We see Covid-19 is not just a global health crisis but a catalyst for long-term geopolitical shifts. Covid vaccines too have aided diplomacy with countries competing for influence through their vaccines and related technology,” he added.

Qureshi said in the backdrop of those shifting trends, geopolitics was reorienting to accommodate new actors and emerging factors and considerations.

He said Pakistan was a leading voice at multilateral forums with strong advocacy on issues of sustainable and equitable development, climate change, debt relief, corruption and illicit financial flows as well as Islamophobia.

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