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2022-02-03 11:25:00

Gigi Hadid has a ‘secret’ TikTok account ‘solely’ for THIS purpose

Gigi Hadid is spilling the beans on her secret TikTok account which she solely makes use of to cater to her mother duties.

Chatting with InStyle Journal for their March concern, the 26-year-old mannequin shared that she likes to look for children’ lunch clips on the video-sharing app.

“I do have a secret TikTok, which I don’t post on, and I don’t follow anyone I know on it. I’m a lurker, but it’s for, like, mom videos and kids’ lunch videos,” she says.

Talking extra about her bond together with her daughter, Gigi revealed that she could be very excited to take Khai for her first snowboarding lesson.

“I’m really excited to take Khai skiing one day, because I learned to ski when I was, like, 2,” she says. “We’re getting close.”

The mannequin, who needs the world for her daughter, provides that Khai could be whoever she desires to when she will get older.

“Yeah. No. You know, she’s going to do what she wants to do. She could be an astronaut. I don’t know,” she tells InStyle.

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