Here’s what your shoes say about your personality


2022-09-19 07:21:41

They say you are what you eat, but really it’s you are what you wear! Your wardrobe can give away a lot about you – and not just about your taste but also your personality. We often think it is the colour or the style of clothes that define us the most but no, it is actually the kind of shoes you are most comfortable in that speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

A stiletto and sneaker girl cannot scream the same personalities and we all know it. Compiled from Reader’s Digest, here’s a list of which shoes reveal what about you.

High-heeled boot wearers take charge

Taller, smarter, and clearer! In times of crisis, a person who loves wearing high-heeled boots will always be quick on their feet and take control of the situation. Leadership qualities are a plus one with high-heeled boots! Boots generally scream confidence and with heels added, this woman’s self-assurance makes her seem trustworthy and safe for people to depend on.

Running shoe fans are goal-oriented

We all have a friend who wears running shoes everywhere! Well, it’s not always a bad thing. It signifies that they enjoy challenges and are very goal-oriented; whether it’s finishing a silly new hobby or standing your ground on New Years’ resolutions. Naturally, they’re organised and very social too. With running shoes on, multi-tasking is an art they master.

Flats fans are behind-the-scenes leaders

Flats, like the name suggests, are at the lower end of the food chain but that doesn’t mean they’re not hardworking. They just do not enjoy the limelight but are geniuses through and through. Despite ensuring a perfect product in the end, they enjoy being behind the scenes. Essentially, they’re the humble backbones that don’t require applause but deserve it all!

Women in flashy stilettos work hard

Just like in movies, women who wear flashy stilettos own the energy in the room. They have drive, determination and a standout work ethic. Apart from being open to new ideas and opportunities with an adventuristic spirit, they’re also appreciative of the beauty around them. Their work is inspired by aesthetics and they make the space around them welcoming for people to feel comfortable in.

Flip-flop fans are laid back

If you can think of a person who procrastinates a lot and lives by the “go with the flow” and “live in the moment” mantras, then we bet they’re always in flip-flops. They’re not really bothered by societal pressures of fulfilling a certain aesthetic, rather they follow their own bliss and stay unconventional with their easygoing nature — and it definitely is a vibe!

Sneaker buffs get along with everyone

Sneaker lovers are social butterflies and you can’t fight us on it! They have a knack to connect with people much younger than them but can also somehow comfortably converse with people much older than them. They are the life of the party always because of how versatile and fluid their energy is.

Pump fans are boss women

Be honest, pump fan, you’re a total “girl boss” and you know it. The first “compliment” you often get is how intimidating you look and yet you’re the most caring person in the room always. From being powerful, competitive, and resolute to being reliable and dependable, pump women are mostly in leadership roles. It suits them the most!

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