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2022-02-10 09:00:00

Jennifer Lopez is equally ‘stunned’ by Ben Affleck rekindled romance

Jennifer Lopez is grateful for reuniting with Ben Affleck. 

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres in a latest interview, Lopez shared her fascination in direction of her rekindled romance with the Gone Lady star and revealed she nonetheless will get emotional about it.

“Would you ever have imagined that it comes full circle and ends up like this?” Ellen requested Lopez.

“I don’t think anybody was more surprised than us,” she mentioned, laughing. “No, you never could imagine something like that could happen. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Lopez earlier instructed PEOPLE how her life has turn out to be higher after having Ben Affleck as her boyfriend.

“I’ve never been better. It’s just that we’re all in a very beautiful moment.”

“I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with him” she mentioned. “It’s a beautiful love story that we got a second chance.” 

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