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2022-02-10 02:58:28


The faculty of the University of Karachi on Thursday ended their 10-day-long boycott of educational activities after the issuance of an explanatory circular by the Department of Universities and Boards.

The decision was taken at a general meeting of teachers where they decided to resume their teaching activities. It was demanded that the selection of teachers postponed on January 31 should be resumed at the earliest.

In response to the teachers’ protest, the universities department issued an explanatory circular in which it said the circular issued on February 1 pertained to the varsities where rules were still being formed.

“In continuation of this office circular of even number dated Feb 1, 2022, it is clarified that the statutes, regulations, and rules regarding recruitments, promotion, and other terms and conditions of the services, of teaching and non-teaching employees are being framed under the enactments of the concerned public sector university by the respective competent authorities .i.e Senate, chief minister, government as the case may be through the syndicate and other authorities of the universities as provided under the enactment of the university.”

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It said most universities have “framed their statutes…in accordance with their enactment under a competent process”. “Some of the universities have adopted the rules of a government or another university under a competent process with the approval of respective competent authorities as mentioned in their enactments. “There are also certain enactments of the universities which provide for the applicability of these statutes, regulations, and rules of another university or the government.”

It said the universities where rules and regulations have already been framed should strictly comply with them in the meetings of selection boards, syndicate and the senate.

The circular directed other universities to frame their rules and get them approved from the universities department at the earliest.

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