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2022-02-15 22:11:00

Lamar Odom dubs failed marriage with Khloé Kardashian his ‘largest remorse’

Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband solely has regrets after their failed marriage as he dubbed his previous errors in the direction of the diva largest remorse of his life.

The NBA participant, who’s a key contestant on Celeb Large Brother, turned February 14’s episode right into a confessions session when he admitted to have made so many errors in the direction of the Retaining Up With The Kardashians alum.

“When i married Khloe there were so many things I did wrong in our relationship,” Odom recalled. “It was never my intention to hurt her.”

“We were together every day until we got married,” he added.

Responding to his confession, Odom’s fellow contestant Cynthia Bailey requested, “When you talk about her would you say she was the love of your life? It sounds like one of your biggest regrets.”

The 42-year-old athlete replied, “Yes it is.”

Odom additionally shared that he’s nonetheless hoping to win her again. “It would be a blessing just to be in her presence,” he continued.

“But she has a right to never wanna see me again because of the things I put her through.”

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