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2022-09-03 20:54:24

Manchar Lake started overflowing from its embankments, posing a serious threat to nearby localities. Screenshot of a Twitter video

SEHWAN: Manchar Lake’s water level has risen to a dangerous level, giving rise to the fear of the dyke breaking down at any moment. The city administration has ordered residents of nearby localities to move to safer areas. 

Capt. (Ret.) Farid-Uddin-Mustafa, Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro, said that the water level in the Manchhar lake is steadily rising. He warned that the lake’s embankment may collapse at any time. As a result, he advised that the union councils of Wahar, Bobak, Jaffarabad, and Chana be vacated.

Manchar Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Pakistan and is one of the largest lakes in Asia. It is situated west of the Indus River, in the Jamshoro and Dadu Districts, 18 kilometres from Sehwan Sharif.

The Deputy Commissioner further directed the people to avoid visiting Manchar Lake unnecessarily as its dyke, RD54 to RD58, is withstanding huge pressure.

The official said the dyke will not be breached and a last-ditch effort will be made [to keep the embankment intact]. “The next 24 to 48 hours are crucial for the Manchhar Lake,” he cautioned.

According to a Geo News correspondent, the water has started overflowing from the lake’s banks at some points, triggering panic among the local population of Sehwan.

Citizens in Bobak and surrounding areas of the lake demand the city administration breach the embankment at Yousuf Bagh so that hundreds of villages can be saved from inundation. 

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