Mike Myers says Queen Elizabeth II was ‘permanent part’ of his ‘life’: ‘Still gutted’


2022-09-19 13:47:00

Mike Myers said Queen Elizabeth II was a   “permanent part” of his life while revealing that he is still gutted over the death of late monarch.

During a conversation with Page Six, the actor appeared slightly shocked over the Queen’s death, who passed away age 96 on September 8th.

“I still am gutted, to be honest,” the Amsterdam actor said. “I haven’t been out, this is the first time I’ve been out.”

“She was a permanent part of my life. She was on our money, every airport, every hockey rink,” he said before adding that she also meant a huge deal to his parents,” he added.

Myers, whose both parents were English said, “My parents were WWII vets and it meant so much to my parents that she served [as a mechanic] during the war.”

“My dad was in the royal engineers and my mum was in the Royal airforce and that the family stayed [in London during the German air raids], that said everything.”

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