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2022-02-12 05:30:44

Nerdle is a clone of the original game, Wordle, involving a mystery math guess rather than a word. 

The rules are similar to Worlde, giving players six tries to figure out out the mystery sequence. However, the number sequence is eight spaces and the keyboard is stocked with numbers and math symbols instead of letters. The answer needs to be mathematically correct, just like the words in Wordle. 

According to Cnet, the number sequence will most definitely consist of an equals sign, and the number on the right side will have to be a number. The space will light up green if the guess is correct and at the right spot, black if it’s not there, and purple if the position is incorrect.  For all the math enthusiasts, the game can be addictive. 

Start playing the game here, if you’re a math nerd!

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