No decision yet on imposing governor rule in Sindh: Rashid


2022-03-18 05:34:11

Interior Minister Sheikh on Friday said no decision has been made yet regarding the imposition of governor rule in Sindh.

Rashid, speaking to the media in Islamabad, said he had presented a summary to the prime minister on the topic, however, no decision was taken so far during PTI’s parliamentary committee meeting.

He also asked the dissident PTI lawmakers, staying at Sindh House in the federal capital, to return to the party and assured them that “no one will say anything” to them.

However, he warned them that they would ‘regret’ their decision if they did not return to the party’s fold.

The interior minister elaborated and said the government had information regarding the presence of about five or six lawmakers, but the videos released had shown more.

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He maintained that the government was not going to raid the Sindh House.

Rashid also said the country could not afford a political confrontation given Pakistan’s economic condition and added that the opposition parties will be facilitated in holding their planned rally in the federal capital.

The security czar maintained that the nation stood with the prime minister.  

The ongoing power game turned ugly for Prime Minister Imran Khan even before the voting on the no-confidence motion as around two dozen disgruntled MNAs of the ruling PTI came out in the open on Thursday.

Taking refuge at the Sindh House in the federal capital, several of them gave interviews to different anchorpersons, saying they had parted ways with the ruling party and would not contest the next elections on a PTI ticket.

The interviews of the dissenting members and footage running on TV channels showing them present at Sindh House came at a time when the opposition parties, including the ruling party in Sindh, have been attempting to oust the PTI government through a no-trust motion.

Before the situation unfolded, PPP leaders said the government was planning to attack Sindh House on the grounds that the opposition had detained some ruling party lawmakers there ahead of the vote on the no-confidence motion against the prime minister.

Prior to that, PML-Q leader, Speaker Punjab Assembly Parvez Elahi, said in an interview that around 10 to 12 government lawmakers were in “safe custody” of the opposition.

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