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2022-02-13 11:01:00

The Torkham border crossing is the primary commerce hyperlink between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Picture: Reuters
  • Pakistan and India finalise issues for wheat transportation after three months of talks.
  • Pakistan would not settle for utilizing Indian vehicles to carry wheat to Afghanistan.
  • International locations agree to transport wheat in Afghan vehicles through Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and India have finalised issues to provide wheat and medical assist to Afghanistan to assist it combat the continued humanitarian disaster, The Information reported.

The method of transporting 50,000 tonnes of Indian wheat to Afghanistan through Pakistan will begin February 22.

Pakistan and India had been engaged in talks over wheat transportation for the final three months, diplomatic sources mentioned.

Nevertheless, the problems have been hammered out after lengthy discussions regardless of India’s dillydallying of the matter, making the variations on the mechanism a base, the publication reported.

Pakistan didn’t settle for the Indian situation of utilizing Indian vehicles to carry the wheat so the nations agreed to do the transportation in Afghan vehicles.

India handed over a listing of 60 Afghan vehicles and their drivers and mentioned that they might begin supplying wheat from February 22.

The help might be transported to Jalalabad by means of Torkham Border, the place it will be handed over to World Meals Programme.

Pakistan has made it clear to India that it was facilitating the transportation solely as a result of of the humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan due to this fact it shouldn’t be taken as a precedent to sending different gadgets into Afghanistan.

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