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2022-02-03 13:03:00

Pakistani designer HSY is ecstatic over ‘Vogue’ point out: ‘So very completely happy’

A proud second for Pakistan style business as Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) and his designs have been lately  talked about in ‘Vogue’.

Taking to Instagram, the well-acclaimed style designer expressed gratitude to have achieved the honour of introducing his nation’s traditions to the world.

His gorgeous bridal designs, made for a businesswoman Umber Ahmed’s wedding ceremony, have been talked about in one of many world’s most well-known style magazines.

As Ahmed gushed over the beautiful gown in her interview for the journal, the designer expressed gratitude to have realised his desires.

He wrote, “Thank you VOGUE for featuring me and my designs today and for also celebrating what i’ve always strived to bring to the forefront of the International Fashion community; our beautiful and timeless Pakistani Traditions.”

Pakistani designer HSY is ecstatic over Vogue mention: So very happy

Moreover, Yasin also dropped a short video on his feed as he marked the memorable moment of his career with his mother and team cheering upon him.

“To see my Mama and my HSY family beaming with pride and joy is everything for me,” he wrote in the caption.

“I’m so grateful for all the messages of love and appreciation we have been receiving for being featured in Vogue; a magazine i have grown up reading and learning from,” he continued expressing his emotions on the occasion.

“The fact that my endeavors of over 2 decades to bring our Pakistani fashion and tradition to the world is bearing fruit is everything to me. I’m first and foremost a proud Pakistani.”

“This country has given me everything. Couldn’t be prouder today to see the world read about our traditions, craft and values,” he added.

Pakistani designer HSY is ecstatic over Vogue mention: So very happy

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