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2021-09-17 13:25:00

Consultants suspect Prince Charles won’t ever be capable of ‘become an activist monarch’

By Internet Desk

September 17, 2021

Prince Charles ‘has no hope’ of becoming an ‘activist monarch: report

Experts speculate Prince Charles will never be able to become a ‘true activist monarch’.

This declare has been made by royal knowledgeable and commentator Richard Fitzwilliams throughout his interview with GB Information.

Per his declare, “As Prince of Wales, he created his own role. I think in issues, especially those of the environment – that’s mainstream now. It wasn’t 50 years ago.”

He additionally went on to say, “It was around 50 years ago that Charles ran a campaign to save the planet and I think that’s very significant.”

“Whether it’s architecture or whether it’s drawing or whether it’s homoeopathy, he has a role, so long as it’s not a political role.”

“I absolutely deprecate the thought that one day he could attempt to be an activist monarch because that simply wouldn’t work.”

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