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2022-02-13 00:15:00

Specialists weigh in on Prince Harry’s determination to depart the pressures of royal life behind in favour of getting some California solar.

Physique language knowledgeable Darren Stanton made this admission in his interview with the web online game website, Slingo, and through his interview, he admitted that Prince Harry seems “refreshed by some time away from the public eye.”

Mr Stanton began every little thing off by admitting, “His lifestyle in California, and even just being away from the constant pressures of living a set routine as a Royal, will have helped with this and it looks like he is finding his feet in his new life.”

“His voice tone and pitch are also significant in showing his mental state. In prior press conferences, his tone is very solemn and monotone. In his media appearances this week, however, we have heard a range of pitches and a mix of emotions.”

Before concluding he also admitted, “We will likely see a much happier version of Harry – particularly where he is becoming even more involved in his charity work and being an ambassador for good around the world like his mother was.”

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