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2022-02-02 16:47:00

Prince William and Prince Harry’s cousin Louis Spencer shall be inheriting Princess Diana’s childhood home.

As per household custom, 27-year-old actor shall be taking over the property, which belonged to his father, even after having two older sisters Girl Kitty, Girl Eliza and Girl Amelia as it’s handed down to the oldest male descendant.

The property spans over 13,500 acres in Northamptonshire.

Talking in regards to the custom Kitty mentioned: “Primogeniture can be a tricky topic because as times are changing, attitudes are as well.

“We have grown up understanding that it is Louis to inherit, and Louis will do an unbelievable job.”

Furthermore, her father said that he did not want to ignore Althorp House’s tradition to overlook his son.

He said in 2015: “I might be completely relaxed about Kitty inheriting it, however… if I selected Kitty it might be in opposition to all of the custom that goes with Althorp.”

With regards to who Louis is a friend told the Telegraph saying that he is a “tremendous personal” person.

“He’s tremendous personal and will get on quietly along with his factor. He’s a really gifted actor and, I feel, shall be a superb one,” the friend said.

They added: “You’d like him. He’s very low-key and real, respectable and sort – and tall.”

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