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2022-02-06 07:43:00

Prince Harry’s commentary on mental health has reportedly sparked a serious conflict amongst consultants with reference to his qualifications.

Royal commentator and knowledgeable Neil Sean issued this scathing query towards the prince.

On his private YouTube account, she wrote, “While Prince Harry’s speech about how we should run our lives through meditation and of course the universe is fun.”

“There is a bigger problem attached to that… both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very influential to a younger group.”

He even stressed how there are “a lot of people who really do take this stuff on board” and thus Prince Harry’s comments, with no qualifications can prove to be very damaging in the long run.

“And let’s be honest, if you are working in a hotel from six-thirty in the morning, do you have time for mediation, sitting down, pondering over a cup of tea? “

“No, those sort of things are reserved sadly for those if you are unemployed for a short period or if you are taking time out and retired.”

“Obviously people are saying ‘what does he know, he has never had a full time job’ and he is not qualified, and that is the bigger picture.”

On the finish of the day it’s evident, “He’s speaking about something he has absolutely no qualifications in, and you have to take their [mental heath professionals] notes on board.”

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