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2022-02-02 22:09:00

Ramiz Raja (Left) and Hamza Faraz (Proper). — Twitter

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja addressed the criticism of an 11-year-old cricket fan, Mohammad Hamza Faraz, who was denied entry into the National Stadium Karachi to watch Pakistan Tremendous League (PSL) 2022 matches for being beneath the age of 12.

In a viral video, the little fan expressed his disappointment with the choice and mentioned: “Sir Ramiz Raja, my name is Mohammad Hamza Faraz and I am 11 years old. Today, we have come to watch the match [at the National Stadium] but we are being stopped from entering,” Hamza mentioned.

“So, my question is, will we be allowed to enter on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays? If we are allowed, it’s good, and if we are not, what’s the use of PSL?” Hamza questioned.

Taking discover of the viral video, Raja responded: “Dear Hamza, I have seen your video, I can understand your feelings. Your love for PSL in that video is visible. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 protocols, children under the age of 12 are not allowed.”

“It’s really unfortunate because, in the normal circumstances, you would have been allowed to witness the match. It’s very true that the league is for the children, so they can get the chance to see their heroes. I understand your feeling and I have talked to the institutions to create a gap and allow the U12s as well to witness the match. But rules are rules, it’s tough, but I really appreciate your passion,” Raja burdened.

“That’s why I decided to have a direct conversation with you [Hamza]. All the best, I hope you are watching the matches on television and I also hope that in the future you would go on to become a great cricketer as well,” Raja concluded.  

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