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2022-09-29 09:39:00

Queen Consort Camilla is very good at ‘mollycoddling’ King Charles 

Queen Consort Camilla is aware of the ways to tame her angry husband King Charles

The couple, who tied the knot less than two decades ago, share profound love with one another with Camilla being a ‘calming’ influence on the former Prince of Wales.

Speaking about their marriage, royal commentator Jennie Bond told OK! magazine: “He can be quite a needy individual and get quite annoyed when little mishaps happen, which we saw when he has that outburst over the leaky pen at Hillsborough Castle.

“He’s got a hot temper, and she knows how to calm him, how to soothe him, how to just mollycoddle him, really. She’s very good at that.”

Charles and Camilla united on April 9, 2005, years after their extramarital affair came to light in the 1900s.

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