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2022-02-14 15:55:00

This Valentine’s Day is alleged to provide the Queen a heartache as  it’s the first that she is spending without her late husband Prince Philip.

In response to royal creator Phil Dampier, the late Duke of Edinburgh would deal with the Queen with touching presents that had particular that means.

Chatting with The Solar he shared that the Prince would even make some items himself.

“Throughout the years he’s done so many touching things which the Queen will undoubtedly miss this year,” he mentioned.

“He was always very good at doing some touching things for her.

“A few of the items that he gave her, he made himself.”

He added that the Queen “at all times saved in her purse” a small metal makeup kit that Philip had lovingly made and shared that he also gave jewelry to his wife.

“When it comes to jewelry and issues like that she had entry to the household jewels and all types of issues – however as soon as he gave her a bracelet with stones from his mom’s tiara as a gift.

“He would always have a personal touch or family significance would be the kind of things that they would exchange.”

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