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2022-02-04 01:00:00

ISLAMABAD: Former Chairman Senate Senator Mian Raza Rabbani requested the federal government to cease the privatization of the electrical energy distribution companies and thermal power stations.

“The government should reduce payments to independent private power houses and also lift the ban on recruitment of electricity workers in place for more than five years,” he mentioned Thursday, including that safety of electrical energy area employees through the efficiency of their official duties ought to be ensured instantly.

He urged the federal government to right away withdraw The Important Companies Act and permit commerce union exercise which is a proper assured beneath the Structure, 1973. “The Government should stop the retrenchment of workers under one pretext or the other,” he mentioned. “The government should check constant price hike of essential commodities and bring to book the profiteers and hooters.”

He mentioned the electrical energy tariff, petrol and costs of important commodities have made life pathetic for the poor. “They are forced to withdraw their children from school and cannot afford a square meal in the day, forcing them to commit suicide.”

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