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2022-02-09 04:44:21

Israeli scientists have recently uncovered the truth behind the cause of the genetic disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Researchers believe that gene mutation of CDH2, which contains N-cadherin and is responsible for brain synapse activity and formation, is responsible for the disease.

Researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Soroka-University Medical Center, published their study in Nature Communications, and discovered that mutation on CDH2 disrupts the brain synapse activity and its formation, hence resulting in hyperactivity and difficulty focusing. The mutation affects molecular pathways and dopamine levels in specific brain structures involved in ADHD.

Tested using CRISPR, the discovery helps pave the way for a better understanding of how the genetic disease works, its treatment, and management. The lead author of the study, Ohad Birk explains that both the mutated human cells and mouse strain carrying the gene mutation will be an effective model system to discover novel medications for ADHD patients. Researchers of the study believe that more numerous investigations will have to be carried out to prove the interaction and role of the CDH2 gene in developing ADHD.

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