Siddiqui slammed for encouraging Lala’s sexist behaviour


2022-09-19 06:54:10

The Bigg Boss-inspired Pakistani reality TV show Tamashaghar has raised a lot of eyebrows for the hostile environment created inside the house between participants. Following a rift between contestants Rauf Lala and Humaira Ali Chaudhry, the former’s “abusive” and “sexist” language made fans feel “disgusted.” 

The host, actor Adnan Siddiqui was called out for siding with Rauf instead of kicking him out of the show.

A viral video sees Rauf indulging in a feud with Humaira when she pointed out his lack of gratitude and how it’s difficult to work in the kitchen with his presence since he never stops with unnecessary instructions. In return, he threatened Humera and blurted out abusive slurs at her. Fans were hoping that Siddiqui would give him a shutup call but instead, he ended up calling Humaira a “liar.”

Following that, the micro-blogging site was all team Humaira as the hashtag “kick Lala out of the house” started trending.  “Humaira was right in today’s episode and still Adnan Siddiqui called her a liar. What is this? Is it a reality show at all? Shame on ARY Digital and the whole team who is showing the wrong side and supporting this man. We’re not blind,” read a tweet. 

Another user demanded Siddiqui to stop with his biases. “Stop being biased towards Rauf Lala. It’s disgusting to see how you all are supporting him even when he is uttering s*** towards other women. If you really value the civilian’s opinion then kick Lala out. He is not doing anything except disrespect other people and create tantrums,” they wrote. 

A tweep questioned Siddiqui’s corrupt intentions and asked what contract he has with Lala that he keeps on “favouring him for no reason.” They reminded him to “play subtly” or else it’s too “obvious.”


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