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2022-02-14 02:26:04

Voice assistants may be quite helpful in following voice commands to achieve a lot of functions on a device, but up until recently, they could not capture a picture. A voice command asking Siri, for example,  to ‘take a photo’ would activate the camera on the iOS device but would not take the picture itself.

However, using iOS feature shortcuts, you can add the functionality to your Apple device. Open the Shortcuts app, follow through Gallery and search for a shortcut that says ‘Say Cheese’. Users can customize the shortcut phrase and even change the camera it uses to take the photo.

Once the shortcut has been added, whenever you say, ‘Hey Siri, say cheese!’ and the voice assistant will take the photo for you. 

The feature can also be activated in Andriod phones since some devices with the software will already have a voice commands feature. The feature can easily be activated through Camera settings, then shooting methods, and used to take photos by uttering a simple word or phrase. 

Most Android phones, do not have an installed Google Assistant and can thus, resort to Google Assistant app to use the functionality. Users will have to grant microphone access to the app, so that by just saying ‘take a photo’ or ‘take a video’ the assistant will automatically begin capturing or recording. 

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