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2022-02-14 17:05:00

Wendy Williams bashes ‘disgruntled’ advisor branding her with ‘unsound mind’

Wendy Williams claps again towards her ‘disgruntled’ advisor for dubbing her of ‘unsound mind’.

Williams slammed her former advisor for issuing a harmful branding, in addition to referenced Wells Fargo’s choice to go alongside with his warning.

In accordance with a court docket doc obtained by Web page Six, she defined, “This request for relief arises from, among other things, Wells Fargo’s failure and refusal to reopen my personal, business, deferred compensation and investment accounts and unfreeze my financial assets, which has caused and is causing imminent and irreparable financial harm to myself, my family and my business.”

“For more than two weeks, Wells Fargo has repeatedly denied my requests to access my financial assets, which total over several million dollars.”

Earlier than concluding she additionally admitted, “I have submitted multiple written requests to Wells Fargo and I have visited various Wells Fargo branches in the South Florida area in an effort to resolve this matter outside of the courtroom.”

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