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2022-02-04 15:19:00

Mohammad Hasnain. Picture: PCB web site

KARACHI: Pakistan’s quick bowler Mohammad Hasnain was, on Friday, suspended from bowling after his bowling motion was discovered to be unlawful following an evaluation accomplished at biomechanics laboratory in Lahore.

Hasnain was initially reported in Australia throughout his stint in Huge Bash League and the Cricket Australia introduced the outcomes of evaluation on Friday morning.

What is an unlawful bowling motion?

In layman’s time period, an unlawful bowling motion is when a participant throws, slightly than bowling the ball. The match officers use bare eye and their cricketing expertise to resolve whether or not they imagine a participant may be utilizing an unlawful bowling motion. If that’s the case, they submit a report.

In response to ICC’s Bowling Motion Rules, an unlawful bowling motion is an motion the place the participant’s elbow extension exceeds 15 levels, measured utilizing the usual evaluation protocols from the purpose at which the bowling arm reaches the horizontal till the purpose at which the ball is launched.

A participant will be known as for unlawful bowling motion by an umpire or a match referee, and within the report it is necessary to element the issues in regards to the bowling motion of a participant, together with whether or not these issues relate to the participant’s customary supply sort or a number of particular variations.

What’s next for a bowler after being reported?

As soon as a participant is reported for a suspected unlawful bowling motion pursuant, they shall be required to undergo an unbiased evaluation of the bowling motion inside 14 days of receiving the report.

The evaluation shall be performed at an ICC accredited laboratory. Throughout the unbiased evaluation, the participant shall be required to copy the particular bowling motion for which they have been reported.

If the evaluation conclude that participant’s bowling motion was unlawful, then the participant will likely be suspended from bowling instantly in jurisdiction of board the place he was reported, and in worldwide cricket if it was an ICC occasion.

The suspension imposed on account of an unbiased evaluation shall stay in place till the Participant has submitted to a re-assessment of his bowling motion to find out that the participant is capable of bowl with out utilizing an unlawful bowling motion, upon receiving of re-assessment confirming that motion is corrected – the suspension will likely be lifted instantly.

Hasnain’s case

In Hasnain’s case the PCB has said that the bowler will work to switch his bowling motion earlier than making use of for reassessment.

Though, underneath clause 11.5 of ICC Bowling Motion Regulation, the PCB was not sure to observe the choice of Cricket Australia within the PCB managed home occasion.

The quick bowler, nonetheless, has been stopped from enjoying additional within the ongoing season of the PSL and suggested to instantly begin working to switch his motion.

The PCB stated the report on Hasnain’s evaluation check confirmed his elbow extension for his good size supply, full size supply, gradual bouncer and bouncer exceeded the 15-degree limits.

It stated that the bowler will work with bowling advisor for modification and enchancment of his motion earlier than showing for a reassessment.

There’s no time-frame for him to use for reassessment of his motion and he can apply for it at any given day.

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