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2022-02-04 17:50:00

King George VI’s sudden demise in 1952 introduced the Queen able the place she was decided that Prince Philip did not like. 

Upon her accession, she had declared that the title of the royal home can be Windsor which meant that Philip’s surname of Mountbatten, in keeping with Specific, was not recognised in his kids’s surnames in any respect.

Talking on this royal professional Marlene Koenig shared that it did not sit nicely with Prince Philip.

“But this did not sit well with Philip who had adopted the surname Mountbatten after he renounced his Greek and Danish titles.

“He felt, maybe, a bit emasculated though Mountbatten was his title solely by adoption because it was the surname adopted by his mom’s father, HSH Prince Louis of Battenberg, who was created Marquess of Milford Haven, with Mountbatten, the anglicised model of Battenberg.”

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