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2022-02-09 14:34:54


The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Police on Wednesday identified the pregnant woman whose head was hammered by a fake “peer” (spiritual healer) after she expressed the need for a male offspring due to her “husband’s desire” for one.

According to the hospital receipt, available with The Express Tribune, the woman’s name is Baaz Gul, a mother of three children including two sons.

According to CCPO Peshawar, the husband of the woman has been contacted and asked to report to police after it was discovered that he was not in the city.

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As per initial information, the woman is staying at a relative’s place and an inquiry regarding the case is under way.

The woman arrived to Lady Reading Hospital after bleeding profusely due to the deep wound in her skull caused by the nail. The woman did not have a CNIC. Therefore, a fake name was used for for getting her admitted to the hospital.

The woman came to the hospital on February 4 and stayed there for about two hours. Later, she returned in a car, according to CCTV footage obtained by police from the hospital.

Furthermore, all police stations of Peshawar have been tasked to identify those who brought her to the hospital.

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